About us
We are a Family Office with more than thirty years of experience in operating a business related to the logistics and transportation sector. We pay close attention to the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem and we invest in projects that leverage technology to create disruptive business models and that know how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital economy.
We invest in startups in their initial phases that have a certain traction (not prototypes).
We look for competent teams with an international vocation capable of converting their projects to global companies.
We provide between €50,000 and €150,000 in the first round with the possibility of backing in further rounds.
We do not discriminate by sector, we assess business models that are clearly defined that can generate recurring revenue streams.
We look for projects that can use our capital as well as our business experience.
We believe in co-investment and we favour projects that come to us by means of our trusted network.
Disruptive technology to detect leaks in water transport networks.
Solutions to detect water leaks in residential areas.
Company devoted to issuing electronic boarding cards.
Platform devoted to managing the recruitment of human capital.
Your personal nutritionist when and where you want them.
The solution for digital disruption of music and added-value services for distributors and artists.
Compare times and prices in all urban mobility services and request from a single app
Solution to communicate in any language and situation through online professional translation services.
SuperTech is the technological solution so that retailers can offer their customers the same day delivery in a profitable way.
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